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If you are in China right now, then you will agree with me that the Chinese hot pot is a dish best served on a cold winter, your Chinese friend must have taken you to a restaurant where they serve the “hot pot”. The preparation is so simple and every Chinese family would love to prepare it at home on a chilly day. Let us take a look at the tools, tips and ingredients needed to prepare the Chinese hotpot:

Note: the video below contains chinese pronunciations of the new words used in the following article, beginners in Chinese language are advised to watch it. Cheers!

1. Tool工具/gōng jù    Pot 锅/guō

Induction Cooker电磁炉/diàn cí lú

Spoon勺子/sháo zi

2. Soup汤底/tāng dǐ
3. Main Food主食/zhǔ shí    Noodle面条/miàn tiáo

Meat/Fish ball丸子/wán zi

4. Ingredient配料/pèi liào    Meat肉/ròu

Vegetable蔬菜/shū cài

Seafood海鲜/hǎi xiān

5. Sauce蘸酱/zhān jiàng
Salt盐/yán    Sugar糖/táng

Seasoning酱油/jiàng yóu


Pepper辣椒/là jiāo

Garlic蒜头/suàn tóu

Ginger生姜/shēng jiāng


The procedure is very simple.

First, put the already made soup into the pot and heat it until it is boiling.
Secondly put the main food and other meat, vegetables or seafood you like into the pot. In the meanwhile,make your own sauce by mixing some of the ingredients. Next wait patiently until the pot is boiling again and check out whether the food is ready or not.
Finally pick up the food you like in the pot and mix it with your own sauce and you can have it now! See, it is easy to make one at home? Leave your comments if you would like to share a popular food in your country.

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