It is quite evident that watching TV series is also a good way to learn a certain language and as well understand the local culture of the country where the TV series is situated. Have you watched any TV series produced in China and which of them did you enjoy watching? In general the plays in China can be divided into three categories: according to the time of the setting, the ancient, and the most recent/ modern time. This article introduces 5 most popular ancient TV series in China at the moment, through these series, you can take a glace into ancient form of living in China. To be more specific, there are all related to plotting and making schemes to steal the position of emperor. Frankly speaking, the Chinese love this type of series very much.


琅琊榜Nirvana in fire
1. 琅琊榜Nirvana in fire
Nirvana in fire is a Chinese historical drama whose scene sets in the South Liang dynasty, AD 502-557. It is a story about Changsu Mei (the main character) who has waited patiently to seek for justice for the conspiracy that labeled his family as traitors 12 years before. In the end he died for the country that he has always fought for, which moved a number of audiences. The sparkling parts of this series not only lie in the attractive plot but also the selection of the actors and actress. Ge Hu, who plays the Changsu Mei is one of the most popular actors in China today. His personality also reflects in the movie (in his role as Changsu Mei) because he is known to be to strong and determined and in the movie, Changsu Mei is also strong and determined. He was almost killed in a car accident and had no choice but to undergo plastic surgery to heal his baldly injured face. He waited for the best timing to come back to the scene with a more inspiring and motivating image and he finally got the opportunity. The movie presents a good reputation of its well-designed production including the accurate outfits and tools, the beautiful settings in traditional Chinese style and the authentic use of Chinese.
甄嬛传The legend of Zhen Huan
2. 甄嬛传The legend of Zhen Huan
It was first aired in China in 2011 and was a huge success according to ratings. The story centers on the schemes among the concubines of Emperor Yong Zheng in the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty. An innocent girl, Zhen Huan is chosen to be one of the emperor’s harem. After entering the palace, she finds out that she is caught in the fight between the empress and the concubines. Realizing that the atmosphere in the palace is pretty tense, she has to learn to survive. Eventually she manages to defeat all her opponents and becomes the most powerful concubine in the imperial palace. This play is highly ranked partly due to the intensive use of implicated lines, If you get to know Chinese more you will find that you need to read between lines to understand the true meaning of some of the dictions used, you literally have to read between the lines. The characters use a lot of tactics to declare their true intentions due to the complicated situation in the palace. It does raise the audience attention and curiosity to figure out what is truly happening inside this big scheme, this movie is really suspense-filled.
芈月传 The legend of Miyue
3. 芈月传 The legend of Miyue
This Chinese historical drama is based on a popular novel with the same name. It is about the story of Mi Yue, who is the first states-woman in the history of China. Miyue accompanies her sister Mishu to be married to the emperor of Qing, the strongest country at that time. They used to have really close relationship until Miyue gives birth to a son of the emperor, Yingsi. When Yingsi falls badly ill, most of the sons want to be next in line to rule as the next emperor of Qing. Miyue and her son are involved in this competition. Although they have no intention to scramble for the position, she is sad that the inside battle is tearing the country apart. Eventually, with the help from a tribe, she returns to the palace and wins the position with her own personal charm and ambition to rebuild the country.
武媚娘 The Empress of China
4. 武媚娘 The Empress of China
It is produced in 2014 based on real events which occurred in Tang dynasty, between 7th and 8th century. The main character, Zetian Wu, is the only woman in Chinese history to rule as an emperor and this drama is about her experience from a little unknown to the most powerful person in the nation at that time. Although the story is not as exact as the real event, but it does present a picture on how an innocent girl fought her way through in the ancient times when men are in power while women only have lower social status. Moreover, the leading actress Fan Bingbing is one of the hottest stars in China currently and has gained fame internationally by taking a role in the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past and attending numerous red carpets, movie premieres, and fashion shows.
步步惊心 Starling by Each Step
5. 步步惊心 Starling by Each Step
Scarlet Heart, also known as Starling by Each Step is based on the novel with the same name. It is about a lady in the modern society who suffers a near-fatal accident that sends her back in time to the Qing Dynasty during the Kangxi Emperor’s reign. She finds herself trapped in the body of one of her previous incarnations: Ruoxi. Being the only one who knows about the future, she is in a dilemma; whether or not to give people some heads up about what is going to happen in the near future. Everything happens according to the original history and Ruoxi magically heads back to the real life. She wakes up in the hospital wondering whether it is just a dream. In the end, she accidently meets a person who bears a striking resemblance to Yinzhen, one of the sons that she truly loves. However he doesn’t recognize her at all. The show ends with a cliffhanger, with the man walking away as Ruoxi’s tears start to roll down her cheeks. It leaves an open ending for people to wonder what is going to happen afterwards
What do you think of these 5 TV series, drop your comments if you have watched some of them or you are about to watch any of them, did any of these TV dramas help in increasing your knowledge of the Chinese language? Let us our experiences.

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