Can you survive the Chinese exam Gaokao?

The Chinese college entrance exam which is known as Gaokao 高考 has come to an end. In recent years, it has become a tradition for the Gaokao survivors  to comment on the latest composition requirements in the Chinese exam. It seems that the requirements have become more and more complicated year after year.  In the end, people will all rest assured after looking through all the questions feeling lucky that they did not encounter such tough titles the year they took the exam. Let’s take a look at some of those super tricky composition questions the candidates encountered this year. Are you confident that you can write an article over 800 Chinese characters within 45-60 minutes?

National Paper I – After the Prize and the punishment
Take a look at this picture and write an article according to the following requirements.
Requirements: Choose a right angle, a clear theme and a clear form to write out the meanings behind the picture. The article should be original.


2. National Paper II People’s opinions on improving Chinese
Write an article about how to improve Chinese. The article should contain the following aspects: 1 The effectiveness during the class; 2 Profound extra readings; 3 Social activities. Please analyse all these three means from your own learning experience and draft an article on how to improve Chinese which is not less than than 800 characters.

3 National Paper III The undertaking story of Xiao Yu
Xiao Yu firstly created a new method to make the flower tea, which was shortly copied by others. Many fake products were launched to the market which would undoubtedly cause damage to the whole flower tea industry. To make it right, Xiao Yu published his own production process and set up a new industrial standard for others to obey. It worked out successfully which not only regulated the market but also helped Xiao Yu earn a great fortune.”
Please write an original article based on the above material. What do you think of it.?

4 Zhenjiang Paper: Virtual and Reality
Online shopping, video talk and online entertainment have become part of people’s daily life. Some experts point out that in the near future with the assistance of Virtual Reality in the home, people will be able to enjoy the virtual scenes without stepping outside. For instance, people can try on the new cloth in the dressing room in the store; people can chat with doctors face to face; they can enjoy the soccer game live or even observe a scene as a witness.
When the virtual reality has become a reality, how should we react to such kind of phenomenon? Should we embrace this kind of technological revolution, avoid the change or keep in at a certain distance? What do you think of it and please write a short essay presenting your ideas.

5 Shanghai: Judging other people’s life
Following Societal development,  people are more easily exposed to the public. It has become a normal phenomenon for people to judge others’ life which has brought huge influence both to the individual and the society. People hold diffident points of views on the theme of “Judging people’s life”.
Please write an article to express your ideas. It should be original and not less than 800 words.

6 Shangdong: The prepared package
Reading material–“People tend to carry large luggages when travelling. However, some of the things are useful, some are useless while others will be with them for a long time.
What are your opinions? Please write an article about this topic.

7 Tianjing: “My reading experience as a youth”
In the modern society, reading can be done through multiple ways such as the phone, the computer and the Internet. With the assistance of technology, people can either enjoy the audio book or just read the books normally.
The new generation tend to have a broadened orientation and unique personality which results in their distinctive preference on the ways of reading. Please combine your own reading experience and personal understanding to write an article related to the theme of “My reading experience as a youth”.
Can you answer the above super tricky questions? Let us know if you can survive


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