6 Hilarious reasons why you might have been blocked on Wechat


Are you wondering why you might have been blocked from a friend’s wechat circle?
Currently wechat has become the most used social platform in China with a number of   end-users. A large number of people like to put up new updates about nearly everything that happens in daily life from trips abroad to homemade dishes as well as lots of other interesting activities. However, if people don’t pay attention to managing their posts carefully they will easily get blocked by others, for people hate to be drowned in useless information. Here are some of the actions that  black lists you from a friend’s wechat circle.

1 Endless advertisement.
Some people want to prove their loyalty to the company they work in,  especially those holding sales position in the company, hence posting information about their company is in their daily to-do-list. Sometimes it is about the launch of a new product, sometimes it an announcement about the seasonal discounts or sometimes it is a shared link about the official newsletter. People can become annoyed receiving continuous advertisement passively which leads to shutting down the source of the so called information. BLACKLISTING!!!

2 Numerous negative complaints
“My boss is at it again! giving me extra work. Such a bloody b***!”
“ I am so sick. Nobody seems to care about me!!!!”
“ I broke up with my boo today. I am so upset. Who can accompany me 5555…”
Everyone has bad moments now and then. When they do, they cannot bear any more negative emotions, but would rather look for ways to deal with their individual problems. posting every complaint could be a way to let out steam, feel more relaxed by letting go. However, others are not willing to be the trash can for your bad feelings so please cut down on the complaint in order to avoid BLACKLISTING.

3 Chicken soup for the soul
People indeed need inspiration. But how will you feel if you keep reading this kind of article every single day showing you how to be successful, how to make good use of time or how to lead a splendid life. Come on, people need to take time to rest a little doing nothing and refreshing the wechat circle is certainly one of these moments. They are tired of being reminded of working hard and striving for the best all the time.

4 Rumors
“There is a girl missing. Please help the family to resend this message.” Every now and then there will be such kind of news popping out. At first people would love to give a hand to those strangers. Later it turns out that such kind of information will not be 100% true. It can be a way for the wechat account to attract traffic by faking contents. If you often resend these kind of articles you will not be seen as a kind person but one who assists in spreading rumors.
RUMOR5 Show offs
“I bought my brand-new BMW. But there a small fault when we took it home.”
“My husband sent me double gifts for forgetting our anniversary.”
“My little baby now manages to walk. Check this video. Isn’t he adorable?”
Nobody wants to see people bragging around no matter if it is done apparently or inconspicuously, neither do people care about every new progress in others’ life unless it is their loved one. Please do think about others’ reaction if you plan to share something that might make others jealous, unless it is your intention to make others jealous. You will leave people with no choice but block you out of their world.

6 Curses
“Today is the day for sisterhood. Please resend this message to at least 10 of your besties. If you don’t do it, you will…”
“This year is a bad year for the zodiac animal monkey and horse. If you are one of these, you have to resend this message within 99 seconds otherwise…”
I have no idea who creates such kind of stupid messages out of nowhere. What surprises me even more is that there are people who actually believe in such kind of bullshit.  How can I add this kind of person to my friend list on wechat! I will not only block this kind of post but also delete the person who sends this once and for all.

What about you? What kind of posts will make u delete someone from your wechat friend’s circle? Drop your comments below, we would love to hear from you.


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